The Skies Have Opened Up, Bringing Hail Down on Your Ride

You can remove all of those dents in no time

Hail storms around here are no joke. If your car gets caught out in one, those little balls of ice could leave your ride pocked with unsightly dents. If you need to get rid of hail damage on your car, turn to the experts at Mid-Iowa Paintless Dent Removal.

Our team will pop the dents back out, seamlessly returning your car's metal to its natural shape. Call 319-427-1209 right now to set up an appointment with us for hail dent removal.

Why should you choose paintless dent repair?

Why should you choose paintless dent repair?

At Mid-Iowa Paintless Dent Removal, we're proud to offer paintless dent removal services as our way of dealing with hail damage. There are many reasons you should go with paintless dent removal services. You'll be happy with your decision because:

  • It's a fast process
  • It's a clean and green process
  • It works better than other methods
  • It's more affordable than other methods
  • You'll never be able to tell there was any damage

Don't wait around to get your car back to normal. Talk to us today about dent removal services.